Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Old School B-Boying & Grandmaster Mele Mel

Just to continue some older posts:
On the one hand there have been some posts on B-Boying, such as the one on the crazy styles of Elsewhere or on a pop-locking competition in Paris.

On the other hand some Old-School discussion and media, such as the Newcleus video two months ago.

Furthermore, you know I am a fan of music (that sounds like) from the end of the 70s / beginning of the 80s, such as DJ Mehdi or Chromeo.

Now, there is this German guy who has a weird Old-School fan page, but who also has a mad collection of old HipHop videos, some of which he put up on youtube.
Among others Breakmachine with Streetdance (compare to DJ Mehdi's "I am somebody")

Another highlight is this interview with crazy "Muscle" Grandmaster Mele Mel, who, by the way, just started another embarrassing come back (two years ago Boris and I went to a rather disappointing concert by the Furious Five in Montreal-- ever since, I think they should retire...)

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