Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Old School /New School: Newcleus - Jam on it!

Recently, I've been to this Old School Detroit Techno concert and I really didn't feel the music. I think to enjoy it to the full extent, you must had stored feelings in it back in the days.

It's funny how music acts as a repository of emotions. And the retrieval of these feelings is usually as immediate as the one related to olfactory stimuli-- which, as you know, doesn't have to take the subcortical detour.

So I myself stored feelings in OldSkool Rap music. Although I am not old enough to have really savored this track when it came out, I sure loved it back in the nineties:
Newcleus - Jam on it (1984).
Check out the incredibly cool video (.mov - ca. 25mb)

There was also a cool remake by Mos Def in 2001 to which you can listen here. His new album Tru3 Magic, by the way, has been delayed once more and is supposed to be released on January 9th, 2007.

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