Friday, June 30, 2006

I've got a - theory...

My theory is the following: Germany is in a happy mood not only because of the soccer worldcup and the German team playing well, but also because of the weather. At least in Berlin there has been no single rainy day since the worldcup started. However, there have been some not so nice cloudy and windy days that noone seems to care about.
And I think it's because of the weather report. They always forecast sunny days, even if it's not true. Thus people won't be annoyed already on the day before, ...

...and Germany can win the cup.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Grumpy Post II

I already mentioned it a couple of posts ago; now, again, Kandel's fifth edition of the neuroscience bible Principles of Neural Science has been delayed by three months. Now it is more than a year late. I will have finished my studies before his opus will appear. However, I am still looking forward to it, meanwhile using Neuroscience for Kids and - even better - Mr. Split Brainy instead.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Night Post from Florence - Science Nutshell

It's just some late night words from Florence, where I am attending a huge conference.

Scientists tend to be funny. At least they try hard - to be or not to be. Fake moustaches on parties in fancy locations ("do you remember back in Florence 2006... with the beards... those were the days..."), stiff socializing during the coffee breaks and harsh competition at the cold buffet.
Then, in between the conferences, they do some more or less sophisticated research. The better you are, the easier you get pizza at the buffet, and the bigger your fake beard at the party.

Forget interest and enthusiasm; that's the real reason why you try to be good in the science community.

Friday, June 02, 2006


For a long time I wanted to tell you two or three readers about a nice podcast of a friend of mine, which is called Sonntagnachmittag, and which is - supposedly - released every other sunday afternoon. "Couch-Caballeros Christian, Charles and Ingo" feed your ears with Jazz, HipHop, IndieRock and whatever you need on Sunday afternoon.

By the way, Ingo, one of the DJs, is also responsible for the infamous art-n-text-mag INK. The first issue can be found at
Very recently, a gorgeous second issue has been released. I will tell you when exclusive pictures are available on the net. Or just order your own copy (strictly limited).