Monday, January 29, 2007

Television is Revolving -- Simplicity Sells

Just as the introduction of German Rap Music paralleled the one of its American predecessor (Die Fantastischen Vier ten years after the Sugarhill Gang), the online development of audio-visual media repeats the course of audio files:

First music files became easily downloadable, then podcasts revolutionized the radio in disposing it of the inappropriate dependence on a certain time of consumption, and allowing everybody (with internet access) to make their own broadcast.

Also due to increasing bandwidth, shortly after, the same has been happening with movies and TV broadcasts. In itself nothing new-- youtube, google video and myspace have been known for a while. Now, however, a crucial point has been reached: every single day there are breaking news on new IP.TV stations, apple launched apple TV, google bought youtube, and, whether the spreading videos on google TV are a hoax or not, google is--rather sooner than later--gonna hop on the internet TV train.

A propos: Watch brilliant David Pogue making a point for simplicity, and thus for apple, at the TED conference, provided by google video.

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