Thursday, January 04, 2007

Ideas on the Future of Media, Computing, and the Internet

During the last few days we've been discussing all the world and his brother with Philipp-- falling back a couple of times on issues like the future of media, computing, and the internet.
The major points we spotted are:
  1. Static computing doesn't have a future, as it only harms spinal columns. Therefore, devices have to be portable and dynamic with smart ways of controlling and feedback. The new Nintendo Wii seems to tackle the controller question. Something like portable retinal projection instead of static screens would take care of the visual feedback shortcoming.
  2. Vinyl--8-track/CD/MC/MD--MP3: the trend in music storage media is obvious: constant quality on storage media that are getting smaller and smaller. So what's smaller than a digitalized MP3 on--say--an SD memory card? - Only no personal memory needs at all, i.e. a central storage space via constant high-speed internet access with handy platforms to share music. The same holds true, of course, for audiovisual media...
  3. What's the future of print media like journals, newspapers, and books? How is the internet changing them? One possibility would be personalized newspapers to print at home, or, even better, to download on your ePaper. I am eagerly awaiting the introduction of digital paper that is lightweighted, doesn't need batteries, cares about your eyes, and would optimally even be flexible and robust. This invention would not only save the lives of billions of trees, but would also decrease the chaos on my desk... So I was happy to read about the $100 million grant for Plastic Logic, the company that seems to be on the right track. You can check out the promising videos on youtube: Video 1, Video 2. --In your face $80 inkjet cartridge...
Let's hope that either the Consumer Electronics Show CES or the Macworld next week will bring us closer to the future. After all we're already in 2007!

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