Monday, January 22, 2007

Brain, Language, Broca, Wernicke, and Norman Geschwind

One video synthesizing it all:
My area of interest-- Brain and Language
A perfect (but of course: simplified) version of the topic of my "mémoire"-- particular impairments in understanding sentences with a certain grammatical structure in English Broca's aphasics (presented by Norman Geschwind himself)
An explanation of the seminal discoveries by Paul Broca in Paris and by the German neurologist Karl Wernicke a couple of years later.
Put it all together in a seven minute video with the characteristic voice of a 70's documentary movie... Watch it!

Plus: A very recent German video (3sat nano, 16.01.2007) on the general topic of brain and language, including ten seconds showing my former Berlin laboratory (the kid, Lucie, wearing a red glowing EEG cap).

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