Sunday, December 10, 2006

DJ Mehdi - Somebody is a Lucky Boy

It's a pity that blogspot doesn't support tagging of blog entries, cause then it would be easier to connect posts that belong together-- like this one that's in a row with previous posts on the topic of Chromeo.
To sum up I hope you did check out the gorgeous Needy Girl track and the respective video.

Now there is a friend of Chromeo based in Paris who goes by the name of DJ Mehdi and who has just released his new album Lucky Boy.
There are two nice videos: The one from the first single "I am somebody" even features Dave from Chromeo in the final scence.

And there is a second one, a fan video called "I is sumbuddy":

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Anonymous said...

Btw what do u think this bassline pack is it a good choice for producer