Monday, July 31, 2006

1st Birthday - Musicpost

Whomever of you guys I never told about Chromeo should check out their music, their style and their website. They are of origin Montrealais, and they're just phenomenal. You have to listen especially to their anthem "Needy Girl", and watch the corresponding video (Audio/Video section on
Dave 1, one of the two Chromeo guys, is the bigger brother of DJ A-Trak, the rocket DJ who, by the way, just released his new website. Check out the trivia behind Chromeo and A-Trak that's available on the web.

P.S.: Chromeo has never been absent in all of my playlists, but it got recently reinforced when I got my hands and ears on the hot Bloc Party Remix of Needy Girl ...and also check the track with Little Brother (their website) in the media section of A-Trak's website.

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Ah oui comme ├ža!