Saturday, January 06, 2007

Welcome in Leopard Vista 2007 + Mac Spoof

A happy and fruitful new year to everybody.

Just some small thingy I stumbled upon:
Comparative advertisement PC vs. Mac
Very funny clips rubbing salt into PC's wounds.

I have always been a PC guy and I will have to buy a new laptop soon (i.e., in 2007). Therefore, I am looking forward to both Windows Vista and Mac OS X Leopard.

à propos: check out David Pogue's great NY Times videocast on this topic in which he reviews Vista and proves that it's not a simple OS X rip-off.

Addendum 06 01 2007: Also check out the great Mac spoof spots by that make fun of the above mentioned Mac ads. I especially like this one dealing with the new black Macbook.
Plus there is another one by some other guys that's also pretty funny, all adding fuel to the PC-Mac rivalry. Maybe it's because now with Vista coming up they are approaching each other, and they have to claim their stakes.

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