Sunday, May 13, 2007

Understandable Neuroscience--Le Cerveau à Tous les Niveaux/The Brain from Top to Bottom

In the posting series of Understandable Neuroscience (you might remember the Art&Brain lectures, Pinky and Brain's Neuroanatomy song, or the Mouse Drug Party), I disovered a fascinating website constructed by--beloved--McGill University called Le Cerveau à Tous les Niveaux / The Brain from Top to Bottom.
It is available in English and in French (Montréal!) and it has these gorgeous options of adjusting your level of expertise (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) and the level of explanation (Molecular, Cellular, Cerebral, Psychological, Social). It neatly sheds light on phenomena such as memory, the senses, pain, movement, sleep, language, emotions, mental disorders, (sexy) consciousness, and many more (see site plan).
Great stuff! Truly "Brain and Mind', extremely comprehensive and comprehensible--plus nicely flash animated.

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