Friday, March 02, 2007

Understandable Neuroscience--Art and Brain

Linking two of the last three posts, satisfying people who are interested in neuroscience:

The New York Academy of Sciences hosted a conference with the title "From Mirror Neurons to the Mona Lisa [who, by the way, the French call 'La Joconde']".
Interestingly, they put audiovisual recordings of the presentations online:
Thus, for example Margaret Livingstone, an important researcher in the visual domain who has worked together with 1981 Nobel laureate David Hubel, gave a lecture entitled what art can tell us about the brain (directly to the presentation), artist Deborah Sperber, doing something like 3D Op-Art, presented her work, and entertaining Vilayanur S. Ramachandran out of San Diego, talked about Synesthesia and the Universal Principles of Art (directly to the audioslides).


niemand said...

wer ist den der typ auf dem kleinen foto, gruselig...

Jerry Blossom said...

VS Ramachandran. Kurz: cooler Typ und Mischung aus Forscher und Kuenstler, der z.Bsp. mit Spiegeln Phantomschmerzen verschwinden laesst.