Saturday, May 05, 2007

Chromeo - Fancy Footwork, coming soon

Great news:
Chromeo, the guys I mentioned several times before, will release their new album Fancy Footwork, soon.
Release dates seem to be: Canada - May 8, Australia - May 18, Europe - June 18, UK - July 3, USA - July 24.
So I gotta use my Canada connections to get it earlier.
Plus, they will be on the road: a small tour in Europe in May (London, Barcelona, etc.), North America after.
Check out their myspace site for a preview track and also a gorgeous Feist remix.


Ethan said...

It looks great

Stephania said...

I can't wait to buy it! (I'm in Canada.) However, I think I'll still do an initial download to make sure it's solid...

Enjoy it!

Jerry Blossom said...

Lucky you, Stephania, but even if there's only one track like Needy Girl on it, it's fine with me. Can't wait.

Stephania said...

I didn't buy it today. Just don't want to be fooled, then think to myself, "Why didn't I do my research?"

I think I'll drop by a record store tomorrow, sample it, then decide.

Yup, I'm kinda broke right now, so hence the hesitation.