Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sarkomence - Phonological Nicolas Sarkozy Wordplay

Yes, there has been a lot of anti-Sarkozy movement going on ever since his election a week ago.
I don't like the ridiculous Nazi-Sarkozy wordplays that are (not only) much too easy, but there is one I really dig: Sarkomence -
Especially funny, cause at the moment I am heavily working on phonological processing, and Sarkomence's phonological equivalent (for all you non-French speakers) would be "ça recommence" ("It's starting again").
It's been used in combination with all kinds of negative concepts, such as the "Etat Flic" ("Cop State"), etc.


kontratempo said...

mit deinem phonologischen interesse sollte dir auch folgender satz gefallen:

Gal, amant de la reine, alla, tour magnanime,
galamment de l'arène à la Tour Magne à Nîmes

gruß eines ehemaligen Paris-Bewohners...

Jerry Blossom said...

Schoen, schoen, vielen Dank.
Scheinbar sogar im kollektiven Gedaechtnis der Franzosen.
Und schicke Paris Photos von 2002, kontratempo.

Jerry Blossom said...

...und bei genauerem Hinsehen auch von Berlin, Felix beim Schlittenfahren und weiß-nicht-was-noch. Geuebtes Auge!