Monday, February 05, 2007

We are the Web 2.0 -- The Machine is Us

Most of you already know that Time Magazine chose You as the person of the year. As might have become apparent in previous posts, I am amateurishly interested in questions like:
Where is the internet going? How will computing be integrated into daily life? How does machinization change our way of thinking?
"Keine Zukunft ohne Herkunft" (lit. "no future without provenance")--
On the very technophile zedomax blog I discovered this well-produced video on the development of the web by Michael Wesch, an assistant professor in Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State. Enjoy (even though the music sucks)!

Addendum: I have to add the comment that was just posted on youtube by a user named theeastvillage: "...Although there is no doubt that sharing information changes attitudes, you must remember that Web 2.0 is not run by you or for you.
Web 2.0 is system of people who have tuned their money making minds to the needs of the masses...."

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