Monday, October 09, 2006

See You in the Future

I am not an expert, but looking at recent internet developments as well as my own personal needs, I do seem to detect an obvious direction.

The everlasting growth of the internet, my own urge to check mails as often as possible with at best the most handy and mobile devices, as well as the popularity of social web2.0 applications and platforms such as (or its new German counterpart,, lijit (former outfoxed), and what-have-ya, lead me to conclude that a second (virtual) reality slash cyberspace, as it has been described for example in Neal Stephenson's great book "Snow Crash", is just a matter of time.

Addendum: You can even see the first glimpses - Second Life. I haven't tried it yet, but if one of you has, tell me/us about it... From what I can see from Second Life it's still a long way to go...

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