Thursday, February 15, 2007

Part 1: Watch Das Netz (2004) Online

The string of events that led me to a website I wanna present was the following:

Back during my undergraduate studies there was a media art festival in town, so we went to see a documentary movie that - by the way - won the first prize without even being a runner up.
This movie was called Das Netz (directed by Lutz Dammbeck) and gave me/us a whole lotta food for thought.
In case you can spare 2 hours, watch it online (with English subtitles). It identifies links between a lot of things (the UNA bomber, the internet, the macy conferences, cybernetics etc.), it features ideological commentaries on the freedom of information and on life in a non-technological world, and it includes interviews with some great people, for example Heinz von Foerster. Leaving aside the fact that it's sometimes a little bit too close to conspiracy theories and its being too deep and too shallow at the same time, it's an interesting documentary. be continued

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