Monday, November 06, 2006

Stewie Griffin for American President

Now that the marathon for US-American presidency has begun, I am proposing Stewie Griffin, the incredibly well designed baby character from The Family Guy, as a possible successor of George W. Bush.
After, in my eyes, a mediocre start in the first season, Family Guy has risen to become one of the funniest and most biting (cartoon) series on TV. It relies on the same concept as The Simpsons by portraying the everyday life of a 'normal' white family. The Griffin's home, however, can be precisely localized in the north-eastern part of the USA (ie. the fictional town of Quahog). Coincidently, this appears to be the region of the country where the Democrats recruit their politicians, pointing to a possible candidature of Stewie-- although his political orientation is rather unclear/undemocratic.
In case you have too much time, you can watch Family Guy episodes online at Watch out especially for guest appearances by George W. Bush like this one, this georgeous (sic!) one, or this one.

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