Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Googling, the Jerry Blossom Anthem, and Your Musical Skills

Part 1: What was the verb again for "googling yourself"? I forgot-- but that's exactly what I did.
Interestingly, the first entry that doesn't refer to this blog leads to a website by the School of Music at the University of Leeds, England, that contains the transcription of a tiny tune called Jerry Blossom.
It turns out it's an adorable ditty with 2 stanzas à 8 bars.
Since it's dead easy to play, I am awaiting your recordings. Maybe someday I will upload my classical guitar version...

Part 2: To get more neuroscientific-- I recently read on Science Blogs, Channel Brain and Behavior (feed) about this easy and fun procedure to test your musical skills. It takes about 6 minutes to finish and afterwards you can compare your results with those of others on this post.

Test of Musical Skills Part 2: Can somebody please explain to me what "Change sides down the middle Allemand" means?

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Dorian Gray said...

Vanity Googling?