Sunday, November 19, 2006

Gilles Peterson in Brasil Podcast

Honestly for years now I have been waiting for a podcast of BBC's Worldwideshow that is hosted by the ambassador of acoustic pleasure, Gilles Peterson (I already told you about him and his amazing radio show a while ago-- btw, it recently changed airtime and can now be heard live on Thursday mornings from 2-4am London Time).

Unfortunately, BBC hasn't yet managed to set up a podcast, but I recently discovered that some (supposedly not even) Brazilian drink named Brahma has recently sponsored a six episode podcast series of "Gilles Peterson in Brasil" which can be downloaded from the website (also via iTunes).
Check out especially the gorgeous TicTac Improvisation in episode 6 and the introduction movie on the website...
Addendum 19 11 06: Good news for all readers in Tokyo and Berlin-- Gilles is gonna play Berlin on December 14, and Tokyo on New Year's Eve, December 31. All tour dates can be found at

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