Saturday, June 02, 2007

Sonntagnachmittag Guestmix Japanese Invasion

Remember? I already posted a couple of times on the web radio project sonntagnachmittag by ink on, including when I contributed my own guestmix SundaySoothinMusic last fall.
There is a new guestmix called Japanese Invasion up on the web by Tokyo correspondent Steven.
It features a nice cross-section through epochs and genres of Japanese music. You can access it by clicking on the link just below the picture.

The playlist:
01 Unknown – Japanese Invasion
02 Soil&"Pimp" Sessions – Summer Goddess
03 Akiko Wada – Tsurete-tte, dokomademo
04 Thelonious Monk – Kojo no Tsuki (Japanese Folk Song)
(Controversial Remix feat. Nietzsche and Ezra Pound)
05 The Peanuts – Kakao no Hitomi
06 Crazy Ken Band – Tiger&Dragon
07 Pepe California – Blitzkrieg Bop
08 Honeyside
09 Finger Five – I Want You Back
10 Chitose Hajime – Sangojyuugoya
11 Lina – Toki ni wa
12 Ambivalence – What's da Deal feat. Phife Dawg
13 Minjah – Enrai
14 Punch the Monkey! – Lupin III. Theme

...My absolute favorite is--by the way--Chitose Hajime's Sangojyuugoya directly after the Jackson 5 remake.


ink said...

He Mike Ro Soft,
the guys from hunderttausend did a mistake. The Mix's title is "Japanese Invasion" not "Musicmakingmusic". Sorry for that. Please correct the post for Stevens sakes.

Ink opolis

Jerry Blossom said...

thought so
did so
all good