Monday, June 04, 2007

125th Birthday of Karl Valentin - Wrdlbrmpfd

On June 4, 1882, the great German comedian Karl Valentin was born (died Feb 9, 1948). Based in Munich, he produced great 'miniatures' for the visual, auditory and audiovisual media. The New York Magazine called him "the Charlie Chaplin of Munich Dadaists".
His humor is hard to describe and sometimes not so easily accessible. Check out his official website (with example media), when you're in Munich: his great Karl Valentin Musäum in the Isartor, and the example short cuts (one, two & three) available on (who reminded me of his greatness).

I guess in some upcoming posts I will mention some other great German comedians...

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bs said...

then i hope we will also see a post on gerhard polt sometimes soon :)