Friday, June 02, 2006


For a long time I wanted to tell you two or three readers about a nice podcast of a friend of mine, which is called Sonntagnachmittag, and which is - supposedly - released every other sunday afternoon. "Couch-Caballeros Christian, Charles and Ingo" feed your ears with Jazz, HipHop, IndieRock and whatever you need on Sunday afternoon.

By the way, Ingo, one of the DJs, is also responsible for the infamous art-n-text-mag INK. The first issue can be found at
Very recently, a gorgeous second issue has been released. I will tell you when exclusive pictures are available on the net. Or just order your own copy (strictly limited).

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INK said...

I am ashamed. So many nice words about our little Online-Radio, that'll brighten up my day. Btw: Viva Italia