Thursday, March 15, 2007

"Post-", X, Heroes, and Savants

I admire the prefix "post-". Is it classy to claim to be "post-something", e.g. for one's band to play post-rock music, or for one's art to be post-modern? Does it mean that rock music and modern art has been overcome and should therefore be abandoned? I dunno...

I came to watch some episodes of Heroes.
Just as Family Guy is post-Simpsons, Heroes is post-X-Files and post-X-Men.

In principle, Heroes is about the not so original theme of some genetic mutation that allows more or less random people to have superpowers.

As you probably know, savants (i.e., people with extraordinary mental abilities) are a popular topic of TV documentaries and even cinema movies.
So funnily, I also saw a well-made Channel five documentary on number savant Daniel Tammet, who, unlike most other savants, is not obviously socially handicapped and can report on his experiences (found on the Developing Intelligence Blog). The broadcast bears the catchy title "the boy with the incredible brain" and its length is 48 minutes -- just as long as one episode of Heroes.

Addendum: Wow... As if Tatsuya Ishida magically has read my mind, I stumbled over this great sinfest strip.

Addendum II: Ah yeah, I just noticed how repetitive this blog is: Vilayanur S. Ramachandran shows up in the documentary, too.

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Alias said...

It is also interesting that there is post-rock, post-pop (though much less common), but I have never heard of post-hip-hop. there is however experimental hip hop, and also avantgarde hip hop, attributes that tend to be avoided in other musical genres. or maybe it's just me.