Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Xdrive Virtual Hard Disk

Hi guys n' gals, guns n' roses,

I discovered something interesting on the web:
xdrive, a free web-based hard disk on which you can store up to 5GB of data.

The best thing: you can easily share your files with others. To be precise, sharing files n' folders with other xdrive users is very handy (you can decide whether they are allowed to download, upload, edit, delete, etc. files) and limitless. Non-xdrive users can download shared files for up to 7 days.
So I can put some interesting documents or photos or projects or anything on my virtual hard disk, and you can access them (if you're member).

It has a lot of gadgets to automatically back-up folders or iTunes playlists or whatever, I haven't tried yet.
It works fine with WinXP and Firefox and it's supposed to do so also with OS X and Safari, but I haven't tested it.

Who's in(terested)?

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