Friday, March 17, 2006

Will Wright on Spore (a link by Boris)


I mean, I have never been into computer games much. Since the last Monkey Island version (Escape from Monkey Island in 2000), I haven't played any. Nevertheless, this one seems attractive to me.
At the Games Developers Conference on March 11, 2006, Will Wright, the original designer of SimCity and The Sims, presented his newest baby, which is currently being developed by EA and expected for late 2006, Spore. A procedurally programmed r/evolutionary computer game in which you "start off as a bacterium, and end up as a galactic god". Hitty hot.

Sources: Wikipedia, the (boring) official website, and - most importantly - his talk at the GDC including gameplay, also compressed on googlevideo. It's one hour of a fascinating guy talking about an extraordinary computergame.

By the way, I discovered that Lucas Arts made the soundtracks to their classic games public. So you can download .mp3 files with high resolution covers of all Monkey Islands, Grim Fandango, Sam&Max, even Zak McKracken. Definitely fingerlickin' for collectors.

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