Thursday, March 23, 2006

HomeCookin' - Acoustic Gourmet Ichi.One

Another exquisite page on the web I didn't tell (most of) you about:

Supposedly a Belgian guy called Ichi.One, a rare groove, vinyl, all in all music fanatic, regularly puts his mixes online. His HomeCookin' mixes can be downloaded approximately once a month, and they are anabolics for all your Ipods and MP3 players.

The official catch phrase is: "If you like your music flavoured a bit eclectic and with a nice groove, then maybe you should taste some HomeCookin'..."

And in the words of Tony Allen, best known for being the drummer with Fela Kuti: "You gotta have a tongue for the taste, it's the kinda food you don't waste, food for your mind and your belly..."
"HomeCookin' is the best my friend, cause once you've had it you won't be hungry again. Cause it will nourish you deep within ya soul, you won't be eatin' junk food no mo'!"


Today, the chef recommends #24.

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Anonymous said...

hi there,
Indeed Tony Allen is responsible for the HomeCookin' name, thanks for the support..., peace