Friday, November 02, 2007

London Escalator Conundrum

One thing I don't understand in the UK:
People are driving on the left side of the road and are thus overtaking on the right side.
Why do they still stick to the rather continental maxim of standing on the right side and walking (overtaking) on the left side of an escalator?


basti said...


I guess its because most people put their hands on the handrail, and most people are right-handed...

Just a guess,

liebe grüße,
basti (jetzt in berlin!)

Jerry Blossom said...

nice, thanks.
makes sense.
now i can delete the post.
viele gruesse nach berlin.

75W said...

The conundrum drums even heavier in Japan: As it is common among islanders the Japanese drive on left side of the road. Tokyoites apply this rule to escalators as well (at least during the civilised hours of the day). But, strangly enough, people in the Osaka area keep it like the Brits, i.e. drive on the left, stand on the right. My oppinion: stand up for your right to stand left or wherever the hell you want.

Jerry Blossom said...

thanks for the update.
so it's not as straightforward as one might have thought...