Monday, November 12, 2007

Bionade-Biedermeier - Prenzl'Berg in ZEIT Leben

One of the best written articles I've read in a long time on socio-economic topics, which always have to be treated with witty seriousness and which oftentimes forget their message in the course of wallowing: Henning Sussebach writes about Berlin's hipster neighborhood Prenzlauer Berg in this week's Die Zeit (.pdf version).
In a pretty slick manner he integrates the topics of "newest Germany's coming of age"--that has been all over in the German media last week (18 years after November 9, 1989)--, Berlin's being en vogue, and Prenzl'Berg's alleged fertility and radiation of liberality.
He manages to entertainingly portray and point with his finger to Prenzl'Berg's status quo without the--not uncommon--Berlin bashing factor. Many thanks for the article.
Definitely a must-read (sorry, in German only).

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The Hunksta said...

Thanks for the link - I found even more analysis of the Bionade phenomena:

Both are quite funny.