Monday, July 10, 2006

Random Thoughts, also on Marriage

The soccer worldcup is over.
I visited a room in the Netherlands (12 hrs train ride, 1 hr visit).
My life's going nuts - rollercoaster style (check out the link).

Now the less personal, more common-interest thought that I developed in several conversations during the last week or so:

I came to realize that the marriage between humans is a very sophisticated invention:
Its binary fashion ("yes" vs. "no") tries to condense something that is not at all binary but rather multi-dimensional, namely a love relationship.

The culturally specified relationship is optimally binary. Hence, living in a relationship can be seen as a reduction of complexities, a shortening in dimensions.

Until you reach the one dimension - and eternal one-ness.

by the way:
binary for "yes" in ASCII: 011110010110010101110011
binary for "no" in ASCII: 0110111001101111
(marriage for robots)


UPDATE (11/7): Oh no. I didn't mean to imply that I am planning to marry. Au contraire.
But, in fact, the whole discussion came up because one of my colleagues is going to marry soon.

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