Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bob Ross Painting, Trash?

I didn't have a TV in the past five years. However, every now and then, I did have access to one. In my new flat, I have got no fast internet connection, a quickly approaching deadline -- and my own telly.

I never consciously remembered him, but a couple of days ago he re-appeared to me: Bob Ross, the painter. Over the years when I had the chance to access a TV, mainly at night, I enjoyed watching his extremely relaxing show The Joy of Painting, his kitschy way of painting landscapes and his soothing voice telling the viewer that now he is painting "pretty little trees" and "happy little clouds". Unfortunately, he died in 1995, but he left hundreds of episodes of his TV show.

Three observations:
1) For some reason, on the English Wikipedia entry on Bob Ross many of the links refer to German websites, even a German discussion board for Bob Ross fans. Maybe Bob Ross exhibits the David Hasselhoff effect, that is, being a famous star (actor and singer) in Germany, thus coining the picture of the USA, without being known in America. Confer to the English Wikipedia entry on David Hasselhoff and its German version.
2) The name of the German TV station currently airing Bob Ross (BR) is Bayern alpha, bearing the same acronym (BR)
3) Wikipedia has it! BR Inc. is planning a Bob Ross video game for Nintendo's next generation video game console.

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ModSheet said...

I think everyone in America knew of Bob Ross. He was on PBS for my whole life and continues even after his death.

His art sets are also in Walmart and every art store.