Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Analytics Google Empire

I know, I know... I haven't been updating. Unfortunately, I moved to a new apartment with (imagine!) dial-up internet (good ol' 56K). Furthermore, I have to submit my thesis by the end of the month. Nevertheless, I will keep on using this mediocre webblog as my tiny digital mouthpiece.

To come to the point, I managed to get a google analytics account and to embed a counter on this site. Leaving all discussions about privacy (especially with regard to google) aside, the statistics for my blog speak for themselves: the site has approximately one hit per day; the percentage of returning visitors is almost zero; hence I can conclude that all users visit this page accidentally. Furthermore, these lost souls come from illustrious cities such as Stuhr, Luft, Sindelfingen, and Ostfildern, Germany.
Highlight of the month is one visitor from... (drum roll) ... Brooklyn, NYC, USA.

Welcome, fancy visitor.
You won't come back anyway...

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