Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Cartoon Epistemology for Neuroscientists (via Merlin)

"A Cartoon Epistemology" for neuroscientists in three parts (by ophtalmological cognitive scientist Steve Lehar, 2003), including a selection of follow-up discussions (e.g., a summary of the one with David Chalmers)


Addendum: Lehan's ideas overlap with Thomas Metzinger's phenomenal self-model and the phenomenal model of the intentionality relation (succinctly described in this 2004 paper The Subjectivity of Subjective Experience: A Representationalist Analysis of the First-Person Perspective) and the seminal approach of sensorimotor contingencies as put forward in 2000 by Alva Noƫ and Kevin O'Regan (who also prefers hand-drawn manikins to illustrate his theories).

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