Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Tapping the Digital Collective Pool of Ideas

As a viral promo-slash-summary-slash-introduction to his book Where Good Ideas Come From (published today), Steven Berlin Johnson produced this neat video (via Neuron Culture).

The take home message is that half ideas or hunches of different people connect ("have sex") to create great ideas in certain environments but also at unexpected moments (see also his TED talk).

According to this new Science Express paper collective intelligence is influenced by the social sensitivity rather than the general intelligence of individual group members.

Remembering Durkheim's, Jung's, and Halbwachs'/Assmann's conceptualizations of Collective Consciousness, Unconscious, and Memory, respectively, one may integrate these claims into the following conclusion:

In order to fruitfully complement one's individual thoughts utilizing increased (weak or strong) connectivity in the age of social media, one should develop a sort of virtual social sensitivity to maneuver and tap into the digital collective pool of ideas.

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