Thursday, May 15, 2008

German Influence on Japanese Cloth

Today is the best time
Pritt makes it possible
The most perfect on the market \\ ...18 years of global experience
We are all little sinnersGerman Federal Diet and Ensinger Urquell\\ mineral water\\ quiet & classic \\ ...that's how smooth water must be
And then there are the truly great t-shirt designs by graniph which very often include pretty cool German phrases. Check out their collection. Especially On one here no tree will fall, natural animal kingdom/naturally animal-rich (cool ambiguity), it came for me\\ the starry sky\\ key to the sercret paradise\\ I remember where I lost my mind\\ reminds me when her eyes entangled themselves today\\ don't they let me kufl (nonword) her, today is starry, and many more.

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