Monday, February 11, 2008

Photolog pt. XIV - Paris & London Ten Years Ago

I just stumbled over this historical of myself in London in 1998 (on our journey through the UK and Ireland). Funnily enough one year before we also interrailed France including Paris.
So 10 years ago destiny had already sketched my pathway (or I'm just prone to patterns).


Flor said...

mikos michaelangelo,
ummm, did you have BLOND hair in youthful years???
anyhow, according to the "secret" - your feelings and thoughts attract real events into your life... so you miiight be right!

clearly ive been reading too much neuroscience. eh, patterns are good. they make people feel safe.

Pimlopi said...

does that mean your next stops will be Italy and Greece?

Jerry said...

flor: my hair was weirdly enough dyed orange back then.
pimlopi: hehehehe! who knows?! might definitely be a possibility...

basti said...

quote:"So 10 years ago destiny had already sketched my pathway"

Well, that´s the thing about destiny, isn´t it?


Nice hair color, I had the same when I was at that age! Hehe

Greetz from da big B!
(And where were you, I thought you
were coming to town in january?)

Jerry said...

Hi basti,
I was there but just for a quick visit. I didn't have much time but I'll come back, soon.
If destiny has foreseen it...
All the best.