Sunday, September 09, 2007

Photolog pt. XI - What Happened to the MCees? German Rap 2007

I grew up in Germany when German HipHop was in flower--which was say in 1992-2002. Within the last two weeks, I discovered two of my old heroes in weird contexts: Blumentopf, the high school and student rappers from Munich, appeared at the open day of the German Government, and Samy Deluxe, who used to be the probably most gifted talent of the German rap scene in 1997 and rather of the bad boy type, is playing role model for being legal and paying the cumbersome fees of the German TV Licensing Office (his shirts says "Nedless to say, I pay").
Not that this would have come out of the blue, but the two rap stars changed camps since last year: In 2006, Blumentopf had several (great!) 'raportages' on TV during the soccer worldcup and Samy Deluxe was repeatedly invited as the voice of the youth to Sabine Christiansen, the political talk show every Sunday night.
Nevertheless, it evokes funny feelings...

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