Friday, April 06, 2007

Zehn Hoch, Powers of Ten (1977)

One of my--maybe even *the*--favorite short film of all times is called 'Zehn Hoch' in German and 'Powers of Ten' in English. It circulated before the era of video hosting platforms and I just came to think of it recently. So I looked it up and found several versions.
The two greatest ones are the original German dubbed version, apparently produced in 1977 by the Eames Office for IBM, and the ingenious Simpsons Intro mocking it (see below). Furthermore, but only in one direction, there is an IMAX remake called 'Cosmic Voyage' with the voice of Morgan Freeman and--of course--the Terry Pratchett-like outro of 'Men in Black'.


Joe said...

You may also like the video "The Known Universe":

And the interactive app "Cozmic Zoom":

The nature is an infinite source of wonder...

Jerry said...

Thanks a lot, Joe, for the amazing videos!
Cf. also my newer post including an additional time lapse video.