Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Just three things (trois trucs):

1) It's weird what just happened in Montreal. It doesn't buy you anything being considered one of the world's safest cities. Once they explode, you can do nothing against crazy individuals.

2) But I am in Paris right now, and I found something that somehow extends the google maps post from a couple of weeks ago: Paris en 3D. It's pretty cool, but be careful since it needs a lot of your system's resources.

3) There has been a nice refresh of's Homecookin' site. As far as I can see it you can now download all old mixes (and there is the new #27). Plus a couple of months ago, asked to send spontaneous photos of one's DJ corner without making any arrangements or cleaning the set. Her is the beautiful gallery of DJ corners from the Homecookin' community.

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