Friday, February 10, 2006

56th Berlin International Film Festival - Block Party

Nice: yesterday the 56th Berlin International Film Festival (a/k/a Berlinale) started. Although I do know next to nothing about most of the freaky cineastic movies they'll show, there is one flic I really wanna see:
Dave Chappelle's Block Party directed by Michel Gondry.
Michel Gondry has been a director of music-related videos (Bjork, Massive Attack etc.), before he shot the cinema oeuvre Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, starring Jim Carrey and definitely located in upper regions of my "StillToWatch" Chart.
Anyways, the story is that David Chappelle threw (i.e. financed) the optimal party slash concert, since he had received big money for his TV show. The place and line-up was kept secret, and the tickets were free. It must've been a real happening since America's Finest performed: Common, Mos Def, The Roots, Jill Scott, Dead Prez, Kool G. Rap, just to name a few.
I am gonna watch it and tell you how it was.

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