Thursday, August 18, 2005

Haircut Memories

I'm back - with the first genuine observation of this weblog:

It's beyond dispute that music can function as a medium for memories. A single tune can capture (and reactivate) the emotional state of one special second, an exceptional evening, a whole holiday, or even an entire season.

A certain type of haircut, however, seems to be able to preserve particularly longer periods of time (up tp -say- 10 years). I am not sure if it can re-evoke emotions like music can, but in any case it seems to be capable of prolonging a certain feeling of oneself. It may have something to do with mirrors.

It seems to me that preferably fourty-something-year olds try to preserve their twenties by sticking to their (back-then) haircut and thus often maintain weird eighties mullets.

What do you think?

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